Our Investment Discipline

  • Our team operates on the principle that an investor’s risk tolerance, financial tolerance and investment horizon are the key ingredients to creating an investment strategy.

  • Our independent investment advisors believe every investor should implement a strategic asset allocation consisting of an equity and fixed income target range (anywhere from 0 to 100%) to establish a successful long-term investment discipline.

  • As investment managers, we establish strategic portfolio targets for multiple asset class categories which incorporates both our short and long term market views.

  • We implement tactical asset class shifts that represent a combination of near term (3-12 months) and intermediate term (1-3 years) market views.

  • We maintain our core investment discipline while customizing portfolios to market conditions and individual client goals.

Asset Allocation – Sub Asset Classes

Portfolios are customized to the individual and may range from a conservative, or predominantly fixed income asset allocation strategy to an aggressive, or all equity asset allocation strategy.  This decision process and the portfolio size may suggest inclusion or exclusion of sub asset classes.  A portfolio that includes both equity and fixed income would consider exposure to the following asset classes:

  • Cash

  • Investment Grade Fixed Income – tax free or taxable

  • Global Fixed Income

  • High Yield Fixed Income

  • Large Capitalization Equity

  • Mid Capitalization Equity

  • Small Capitalization Equity

  • International Developed Country Equity Exposure

  • International Developing and Emerging Markets Equity Exposure

  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Exposure

  • Preferred Securities

Primary Investment Options

  • Individual Stocks

  • Individual Bonds

  • Mutual Funds

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Your Strategy

Sensitivity to risk is an important part of our investment discipline. 

Strategic asset allocation decisions establish the long term strategy of a portfolio.

Tactical asset allocation changes are shorter term in nature and reflect opportunities in the current market environment.   

We implement tactical market views on each of the asset classes.  

We also establish disciplined allocation parameters for each of the asset classes. 

Kristen Hanley 
Managing Director

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